Who Am I?

Hi darlings. Yep yep. I’m here again. You better believe it. Lol. Lemme get to this quick.

I dunno about you but I often wonder. Who am I? Why am I here? I’ve discovered many people don’t know who they are. Some people don’t even know what they want from life. Some people are just existing. I did a post sometime on finding purpose. It should help. Some people don’t even know who they are right now. Clueless, purposeless set-o-people.

Before I proceed tho, the purpose of this post is to tell you guys more about myself. Lol. Before some people get all serious on me. I’m only trying to point your attention to the lesson in this. I learn from almost anything.

So I had a chat with someone sometime last year. He’ll probably guess I’m talking about him (he reads my blog religiously. Lol). The chat went like- ‘Ewa do you know you are beautiful?’ and I’m like ‘of course I do. I aint blind, my parents and friends aint blind either. As a matter of fact there’s nothing you can tell me about me that I don’t already know except you are speaking by God’s Spirit’. Lol. I must confess I was a little pissed that day but hey I got a lesson outta it. Believe it or not, that’s very true.

First lesson. ‘GNOTHI SEAUTON’. Know know thyself. Actually study yourself. Meet yourself. Rediscover you. Be sincere. Twould be foolish to be deceiving yourself. Know you strengths, flaws et all. I know myself inside out. Anything I don’t know yet, I would yet know. I promise you, you don’t know it either. Cos I feel like, I’ll tell you some things about me you probably didn’t know. If you know 50% of them, you are a very dear friend and I probably told you half of them (lol). Yep I’m bragging. I make my boast in the Lord.

Who knows?

Here goes

  1. I LOVE GOD. Ah I really do. You probably knew this but you probably didn’t know how much. I love God. I don’t think I can love any other person more. Ah! The Love I have for Him ehn, I can’t explain it. I’m heads over heels, crazily in love with Him. The reason isn’t far-fetched. The day I meet someone that loves me as much as He does, maybe I’ll love that person as much.1 John 4:19. Call me fanatic, lunatic and all other ‘ics’. bennie

That’s why I love Him. He’s shown me so much love. Took me when even I wouldn’t take myself. Turned my life around and just kept loving me and taking care of me. He’s so sweet and loving. When I ponder on His love for me, I am ALWAYS moved to tears. Even when I misbehave, He still draws me to Himself telling me ‘baby gurl my grace runs deeper than your mess’.


How romantic is that? The more I get to know Him and His ways, the more thrilled I get. He’s amazing. Sincerely!

screen_20140612_214318He has practically become my obsession. I can’t imagine life without Him. There’d be no point. My life would be directionless. The fact that I know Him alone gives my life meaning and bearing.


My whole life revolves around Him.

I love God and I’m not ashamed to say it. #GODLOVER#JESUSBABY#TEAMJESUS#SOULEDOUT#IMG_20150113_1335052. I love myself. Yep. A whole lot. Call me vain but I do. I love everything about me. My personality, body, HAIR, shape, everything. I do. The only person that loves me more than me is God. lol.

I think very highly of myself too. I mean I know I’m very beautiful. I look myself in the mirror every morning and I’m likeIMG_20150206_094949I’ve got a badass shape

Le Sigh

I’m smart, a great friend. I’m just awesome.


If you think otherwise you can jes kiss ma ass

♡_-=)Voke Wealth_-=)♡_260694I dunno why people would be beefing anyhow.


3. If you look at my face closely, like really close, you’ll find that a part is a lighter than the other.

4. I can be shy. Really shy. I’ve been like that since I was a child. Dunno why. My friends can hardly notice cos I’m kind of a talkative.


I find it easier to express myself by writing than talking. Comfortable or not.

Something like that
Something like that

5. I love words. I respect them. Creativity with words drive me crazy. You wanna win my heart, write me a poem. Or do something interesting with words and I’ll fall in love with you.

6. I midnight snack. It’s silly but I like to wake up at night and jes find something to much on. lol.

7. I CANNOT tolerate stupidity. Kai! I’m just meeting you and God help you your first acts around me are stupid. You’ll jes realize that we can’t be close. Or you just keep acting stupid around me. I’ll keep you at a good distance from me.



If I seem very quiet around you, two things- either I’m shy or you are doing something wrong._this doesnt apply to my friends tho.

7. I can almost always tell if someone is lying to me. Guess it’s cos I study people a lot and I watch their mannerisms. Must times I won’t let you know I know you are lying. I jes play along.

And erm

Tip for liars
Tip for liars

8. I can be pretty restless. Sitting for long doing nothing is not my thing. I’ll either fall asleep, play with my phone or start gallivanting.

9. I LOVE games. If you don’t know this about me, you don’t know me at all.

10. I love to laugh. Ah! I do. I enjoy it. In fact it’s one of my hobbies. I can almost marry a man cos he’s funny (if you believe this then…). Anyway that’s to show you how much I enjoy laughing. It’s so refreshing to laugh.

11. I ALWAYS forget to wear perfume. Like always. If I do wear perfume, I probably sighted it on my way out or my roommate reminds me or something. It’s like a plague.

12. I procrastinate a lot. That’s all I will say about this.

I’ll stop here for now. I’ll probably do another post with questions and answers about myself.

This is what I’m driving at tho. You cannot know who you are exactly without a walk with God. You can know stuff about yourself. You can study yourself up to phd  level and still not know who you are.

Let’s take a case study from scriptures. Look at prophet Jeremiah. In Jer 1:4-10,

Jer 1:4-10

4 Then the word of the Lord came unto me, saying,

5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

6 Then said I, Ah, Lord God! behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child.

7 But the Lord said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak.

8 Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord.

9 Then the Lord put forth his hand, and touched my mouth. And the Lord said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth.

10 See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.

God reveal how you can know yourself- your strong and weak points – and still don’t know who you are. Prophet Jeremiah knew himself. He couldn’t talk. He was probably shy like myself. Yet he was a prophet. You can know yourself- I can’t talk, I’m an introvert, I can’t sing, I can’t write, I can’t paint, etc- but that is probably not who you are.

God is your source. He created you. Who can know the product as much as the manufacturer. What can be as pathetic as a blender thinking it’s a ceiling fan simply because it can roll; or a baby thinking it’s less of a human cos it cannot walk as yet. If you go by your abilities or inabilities, you’ll be underrating yourself. You can never tell what you were made for that way.  The you God knows is the real you- that’s who you are. What God calls you is whom you are. God’s word defines you. Jeremiah was seeing a child, God was seeing a prophet.

I am of course not saying your natural gifts or talents wouldn’t help in your purpose. God gave you natural talents to help you with your God-given-destiny. You might however channel them into the wrong things without your knowledge of God. Paul for example was a zealous young man. He was very much interested in working for God but He was doing the exact opposite of what his purpose was.

Here’s my point- walk with God. Your abilities or strengths are disastrous without the revelation of God. God’s word defines you. You can never know who you are if God doesn’t tell you.

Love you all. Wishing you a purpose driven life.

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Hello bloghearts,
Happy new year to y’all….
I know, I know… phew! Life be moving so fast I hardly have time to catch my breath. Phew! I don’t even wanna bore you with excuses. I learnt from Pastor Mildred thatwpid-images14I would apologize tho. I’m so sorry. Been handling this blog too irresponsibly… Tiz very wrong.

So 2015 is here…

B6OP-ulIAAEUIfmthe way time flies. *sighs*. Seems like just 2 or 3 months ago I was writing goals for 2014. The way 2014 sped by ehn… God dey.

Some people don’t believe in resolutions. Well I do. Keeps me accountable.

So this is somewhat of an accountability report. I wrote my goals for last year… Actually ehn, I was gonna jes skip 2014 and just post my goals for 2015. My conscience no gree. It would be silly for me to just throw my new goals in your faces without telling you how well I did with the previous ones.

I kinda did poorly… the reason I didn’t wanna give a report. Here goes…

1. Fellowship with the father :- I know this has always been His age long desire. So here am I saying ‘Lord own me, possess me’. Ama enjoy being in His presence and just communing, taking

in all of His glory and just basking in the euphoria. This way I’ll get to know Him intimately and hear him clearly. See You in the secret place Lord.

  1. Tap into the supernatural. I’m not gonna be like those Christians that get to a particular point and plateau. No! I’m gonna push more, press on, go deeper. I’ll stir up the supernatural in me and attract God’s glory. I’ll have a serving of it all, the unlimited power of faith, the anointing and God’s glory. This of course means studying more and praying more. I’ll also have to do a lotta listening and obeying more. So help me God.

– Still an ongoing process… kinda like the first goal so I’m merging them. Ok so I did pray. I did. Prayed so much last year than I ever prayed in my entire christian walk before then. I however realised it’s not the number of hours, I also need to be consistent- which I wasn’t.

  1. Evangelize more:- like I said, I gats rep the kingdom more. No more slacking with the Gospel! The world has to hear this Gospel.

– I absolutely and totally flopped with this one. Went on evangelism twice. *smh for myself*
4. Make a 5 point GP for the semesters in the year. No more ‘I don’t care’ attitude with my academics abeg. Everything about me must scream KINGDOM. I hope to draw unbelievers’ attentions to my results. Amazing way to preach Christ.

– Lol. I didn’t make a 5.0. My grades did improve tho.

5. Put a little more in my dressing. I usually don’t put any effort in my dressing. I just don on a pair of jeans and t-shirt or blouse. I intend to pay more attention to details and be more ladylike( I still hate skirts tho, so I’ll probably have to get more dresses). I’m already on it sha, already wowing people.

– Did amazingly well with this, even incorporated skirts too.

  1. Give more. Considering its my year of exceeding grace and abundant prosperity, I’ll be dissipating grace and prosperity as I receive so I’ll definitely be giving more.

– I gave. At a point I was thinking shey I no dey do pass myself bayii. As it ehn… Wasn’t easy but was worth it. God does give seed to the sower.


  1. Join a mentoring class. So this year I’ll be joining Pst Funke’s mentoring class finally. Can’t wait.

– I did join mentoring classes. Joined the FAB mentoring group with Mrs Eziaha Olojo as the mentor,

Mrs Eziaha
Mrs Eziaha

Pastor Tunde Udomah took me up as well

Pastor Tunde Udomah
Pastor Tunde Udomah

Not pastor Funke’s. This year tho…

  1. Visit a gold mine in South Africa. Ever since I started geology I’ve dreamed of visiting a gold mine (and maybe working there). So y’all FABers pray for me.

– Lol. Ok make that Ghana… Maybe next year sha… Planning something with some friends.

  1. Make more time for my friends. God has so graciously blessed me with amazing friends and I intend to spend more time with them. Iron sharpeneth iron buh there has to be contact na. Also plan to meet more amazing people and befriend them.
    – I tried with this. Made some more amazing friends last year. Didn’t do too well with old friends tho… I could have done better.
  2. No boy plans this year abeg but I’ll be praying hard for him so he’ll show face at the right time and in the right state if you know what I mean

– I must say this was the easiest goal to keep. lol
11. One goal that I’ll be leaving up to Sweet Daddy alone is getting my car. Dunno how He’ll do it but I’ll testify.
– Well He said to me ‘not yet baby girl’. I understood.
12. Last but not the least is to send at least one message to Mama E’ every day of the year. Get used to it soon ma’am.

– I didn’t last one week with this one.

Looking back tho, I see God’s faithfulness. He is and He was. If I didn’t hit any of my goals, it’s entirely my fault. Omo God is faithful sha. God has been good and I’m sooo grateful.IMG_20140907_114210

I mean throughout the year not a single tablet. Was never down… With all the geology wahala…

Was atop a rock here. See how i was looking
Was atop a rock here. See how i was looking


`I was up and running throughout the year. In fact September last year made it 3 years since I took a tablet for any pill. I’m not ungrateful for that… Lord I’m grateful.

Iam_moon_ Michael _=-P_7369182014 was amazing mehn…


Learnt a lot, grew up some, met some amazing people… Like the FAB mentees group sisters

FAB community
FAB community

These ladies are amazing… Beautiful women of God. They drop the word like it’s hot. Break the word and make it sooo relatable. I’m blessed. These ladies are sisters…

Then our mentor-mama (that’s what we call her). She’s a mentor in every area- spiritually, blogically(lol), in academics, fashion, name it.

Mama! She hardly looks like this nowadays

I respect her so much. As in. Mama is so sweet. I remember my birthday. She called me 12:01 but somehow some ‘silly’ boys managed to beat her to the first. lol. I felt so loved that day. She practically made my day.

Then there’s her wisdom. It marvels me. Truly God’s word makes wise. She has so much command of God’s word and spiritual principle. I’m just proud of her abeg. Love you mama

Mama looks like this nowadays.

lol. She's due any minute yet she's on jeans
lol. She’s due any minute

That’s right mama is going to be a momma!

I know she hates to hear this buh I can hardly wait.

Lemme stop of FAB group for now. A post coming up on them.

Apart from FAB group there’s this prayer group that kick started from my class. They like to call themselves unique breeds. lol.PicStory-2015-01-05-21-54-57There’s Ayobola, also known as PAYE

Foin boi.
Foin boi.


Dennis or P.Dennis



Dami and I

Then there’s Minister Ify. Abeg lemme put the minister before his name. Abi should i put the full name ni? *pensive*.


btw guys. Those of you that I haven’t taken personal pictures with (side eye Dennis and Ify), you berra hurry. That’s all I’ll say cos you’ll need proof someday. lol

These guys are a handful walahi. When we meet I always laugh till my jaws ache. Then when we pray ehn. What can I  say.

Then there was Sophia family. Kai! They are my family from teaching ministry in GLT. These people intimidate me (in a good way tho).

Anyway 2014 as a good year. God was faithful through and through.

This year has been going better tho. I’m so excited. Only 2 months into the year and I’m so FULL of testimonies. Pleasant surprises. Really pleasant. God is a sweetheart jere. The best

Lemme jes put my goals here.

  1. Walk with God. I’ve really got to up my spiritual life o. This is a non-negotiable goal for the year. This is kinda a summary of 1 and 2 from last year’s goal. It’s indispensable.
  2. It’s almost 4 years since I got the new life. I need to start doing something with it. I definitely ant walk in purpose without walking with God. He is, after all, the source of my life and only He can give my life direction. Which is why 1 is very important.
  3. Build character. DISCIPLNE and CONSITENCY tops the list. Then there comes love and character. The latter two are, of course, not inferior to the former but I know myself. More than anything, I need to learn to be disciplined and consistent.
  4. Weigh 60kg. I actually don’t know my weight now. Last I check it was about 65kg. Might have added or even lost some but by the end of this year I want to weigh 60kg or less. Part of being disciplined.
  5. Drop at least 30 blogposts. *sighs*. My blog has pretty much been deserted. I have to be serious cos God has a plan for it.
  6. Learn to swim. I must do this before April. God knows how long l have procrastinated this.
  7. Learn to play the keyboard. Yup. All I can say is… I picture myself behind the keyboard/piano (or whatever); in a quiet room, ALONE, just playing to worship my God.
  8. I love baking! Ama bake more. Getting my mixer February and jes keep baking till I’m sought after for my cakes… and other things. Go large scale with my baking.
  9. Perfect my sewing. Started learning to sew in 2013, I can sew but I’m not quite perfect yet.
  10. 12 trip challenge. Visit at least 12 places I’ve never been before the year runs out
  11. Academics *insert sad smiley here*. I’m so tired of Cs and Ds. It’s not representing. Least grade should be Bs abeg.
  12. Be a better friend.
  13. Be more accountable to my mentors and friends.
  14. Make friends with everyone in my Sophia family. Shy or not!
  15. Live life. Laugh as oft as possible. Enjoy my being single. Have no regrets. Would need God’s wisdom for this tho.
  16. Join pastor Funke’s mentoring. ASAP

That’s pretty much it. So i checked my goals for last year and realized I believed so much in my strength that I thought I could do them and jes left 1 goal totally up to God. For where?!

Biggest Lesson from 2014- John 15:5b Without God, the best I can do it NOTHING. Yep. God re-iterated that. He told me again and again. ‘The supernatural is lived by MY strength alone’.

In my printed copy of my goal, I have a part where I wrote how I intended to achieve the goals. I included prayer in all. Omo I need to. Lesson learnt!

I’ll be doing a quarterly report on how I’m faring on this journey.

Lemme stop here darlings.

See ya soon. Really soon. *winks*

Love you guys. *kisses*

PS- Dee hope you are happy now. BTW the next time you suggest ‘deleting my blog’ to me, ama kill you. Thanks for the haranguing tho. It worked. Loh you.

PPS. Yesterday was my Pastor Funke’s bday.

Pastor Funke
Pastor Funke

Ha! I jes can’t express how much She’s blessed me. All I can say is Thank you very much ma for yielding to God. He’s the only one that can reward you. I love you ma and I celebrate God’s grace on you.

Love this woman soooo much
Love this woman soooo much


Hey darlings! Ok so soon turned to months and promised and I’m sorry about that. Life has been moving soo fast I hardly have time to catch my breath. I have grace to keep up IJN. I really am sorry. I do not take you for granted. That said, lezzdodiz.

So recently I did a post for a dear sister Precious.


I met her on mama E’s mentoring group and the girl is just so on point. She blogs at www.preshinspires.wordpress.com. Amazing stuff there. She ran a series on redefining feminity on her blog and she invited ‘guest bloggers’.


I was privileged to be one of them (seriously I still wonder why Precious even considered my entry) and I did a post on Brain over beauty. BTW babe, thanks for doing that series. I was soo blessed.

Long story short, my darling friend Derin talked me into doing this on my blog. Here goes


Ever heard of a bimbo? I’m not talking about the name Bimbo. I mean the English term ‘bimbo’, you know, the one used to refer to an attractive but unintelligent lady. Lemme put in a plain language- a pretty but stupid lady.

yeah... someone like this
yeah… someone like this

You see that’s not what feminity is about! A lady isn’t someone who is just all beauty and no brain. She’s not a piece of art. She’s a person as much as man isn’t just a body. Man is spirit, soul then body. She’s got a brain, she can be intelligent, and she can possesses values that distinguish her.

Some people think being a lady is about dressing nice, having flawless skins, bam makeup on, well-manicured nails, nice shoes, well-made hair, curves bla bla and then turning heads and stares of men when they pass by. Some even include being rude and saucy to the list. To them, physical attractiveness is all that matters. They only want to impress a guy. You know, rich dude that could marry them.

Momtastic (Iyebiye)_3 @_--_759664

*hiss much*. If you seriously think this is what defines feminity, you don miss road. Feminity is much more than that. Much much more.

Well since God created the woman, His definition of feminity is the standard. When God would make woman, He said ‘It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.’(Gen 2:18) KJV. The woman was created to offer companionship and help to the man. I’ll be speaking first on the helper part. The word helper there is from the Hebrew word parakletos’. This means a helper. Interestingly, this is the same word that was translated as ‘comforter’ in John 14:16


That word also translates to Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, and Standby. So the woman is a counsellor, a helper, an advocate. These three descriptions show that the woman has to be intelligent. Yeap, she must be mentally sound. To be counsellor or advocate na beans? To be effective in her ministry and purpose, a woman has to be sound in her soul. Much more than feeding the body and Spirit (actually true spiritual soundness trickles down to mental soundness), you also have to feed your soul with knowledge.

God wants you to be intelligent. The assignment to which He has called you requires making use of your brain. As a matter of fact, God wouldn’t have given you a brain if He didn’t expect you to use it. I trust my pops. He doesn’t waste resources.

The proverbs 31 woman who is like the cornerstone for women was an intellectual.

Prov 31:26

She openeth her mouth with WISDOM; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. (KJV)

Asides that 2Tim 2:15 says STUDY and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial)’ (AMP)  


1 Peter 3:3-4

Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price. (KJV)

Your beauty may attract people to you but God is drawn to your spirit and you should know that your spirit is the possessor of your mind. And like I said earlier, true spiritual soundness imparts on the mind.

Also, to be a good companion you need to have some level of intelligence so you can flow with the man and so he enjoys your company. Trust me girl there’s nothing as sexy as an intelligent woman. The guys think so (pity I didn’t grab the screen when a guy on my list put ‘brain over beauty’ on his pm). A guy might be drawn to your beauty but if you really wanna impress him, chat intelligently. I have realized how I am easily attracted to a guy who is intelligent (hey! I’m being honest here) and how I’m later put off by a dumb guy no matter how good-looking he is. I’m almost sure that’s your testimony too. Hehe. If you are attracted to intelligent people, do you think guys would be any different?

Am I against looking good? Of course not. I love to look good. In fact I do look good, at least I turn heads some (it’s not pride, hehe). I believe in looking good and dressing to represent the Kingdom. Just don’t let physical beauty be all there is to you. As you feed your body and care for your body, do well to feed your spirit with God’s word which is able to make you wise (Ps 19:7) and mind with knowledge. STUDY girl.



That’s all guys.

You know i mentioned how Derin encouraged me to do this post here. More like she hharassed me to (yeah double h). The girl can harass somebody. That’s one o the reasons I love the girl. She’s such a darling walahi.

See fine girl now
See fine girl now

I love the girl walahi. Her love for God and passion for the things of God inspires me. She’s the type of friend you can tell ANYTHING, and I don’t do that normally. When I’m going through something, she’s the first person I thing of (after God now, duh!). I always feel better after talking to her. Like i have my sanity back. lol


She’s the kinda friend that ‘has a word for you from God’. Chai! I’m always blessed when the girl comes around. I’m edified and inspired. Woke up one morning thinking about her and I’m like ‘thank you Father for this babe, keep blessing her for me’. She’s that cool sincerly. She’s the bestest mehn.

Aderinsola, I know i don’t tell you often girl but I love you, admire you, celebrate you and I’m prouda you. God bless you hun. *kisses*

BTW, did we all notice the theme changed again? hehe. I love changing the look of things jere. Get used tah it.

Love you all. No really, I do


Swagz alone would pay NO bills… #skilloverswagz

Mama E’ is just a mama walahi. Ah! This post got me so fired up. I’ll be a selfish somebody not to share. Please read and be inspired.

The F.A.B. Sister's Blog

Ok young people can we talk…FRANKLY.  I am seething as I write this… Really seething. In fact let me show you what my status reads atm (that is, at the moment)

Now before I proceed let me say something about this article I once read- ‘A message to GARCIA’… You can google it up and read, if you are not too lazy to. I recall that my then boss in Emzor where I did a temp job one time ASUU was on strike, introduced it to me. He was thrilled a young very pretty nice figured young girl like me could be that enterprising. In fact one of the best compliments anyone has paid me has been when he told me I should get the book ‘Tough choices’ and read because he sees me as a Carly Fiorina… A woman who will shake the world. Carly was the first ever…

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The Supernatural

Hello bloghearts. So I’m back. Finally! It’s been months. How I’ve missed you all! I didn’t abandon you, I promise. Life was just happening. I blog with my phone, it got spoilt, my laptop was stolen, long story jare. God pass them sha. I’m back with full force. Hehe.
Adaeze_794309 - Copy

So I was praying yesterday and this topic dropped in my heart. Took note of it and decided to do it now before it gets cold. Enjoy…
Since the fall of man, God (in His mercy) has been doing things to break into our realm. You see man is just soo special to God. Sincerely! This kind of mercy and grace God showed us ehn, angels must be jealous sef. I mean angels are walking on such thin line o. When they make a mistake ehn, God just cuts them off, but man; man committed high treason, sold out his authority, messed up biggg time and guess what God did. He rolled up his sleeves and trousers and got into the mess with man. Now that’s mercy.
We all know how man fell now. Eve was deceived, ate the fruit, gave her husband (now Adam wasn’t deceived o, he knew what he was doing), he also ate and well their eyes were opened and they knew they were naked.adam-eve-snake.299141551_std
Now did Adam know before that he was naked? Of course he did. But did that deserve his response? No it didn’t. He was so much conscious of the realm of the spirit, the realm of God, the Supernatural, that he didn’t consider his nakedness. Then he disobeyed and he was now looking for fig leaves to cover body. A whole Adam! One who named all the animals by God’s wisdom, who just knew without being told that Eve was made from him, who used to enjoy fellowship with God every evening;


just became stupid like that. First fig leaves, then he was hiding from God. Imagine!bp
The whole drama was pointing to the fact that Adam who was operating in the supernatural now became so natural. There was a drop, the natural that was meant to control nature and that Adam was meant to dominate now started dominating Adam himself. Then he was judged, clothed by God,
sent outta the Garden of Eden, blab la. You know the rest. You can check out the story in Gen 1-3.
Well afterwards God and the realm of God now became like a dream to man. Man could no longer grasp the things of God. The God-realm seemed soo vague. The whole thing seemed like a dream and this dream got dimer down the generations, well except for a chosen few like Enoch, Noah then Abraham. Well its soo bad now that man claims there’s no God and there’s no such thing as the supernatural. Big lie!
God is and has been breaking into our realm, bringing the supernatural into our natural, doing extraordinary things we call miracles. He chose Abraham, tested him, blessed him and chose his generation- Israel. Finally God united man and God. Took upon Himself the punishment for the sin, satisfied his wrath and then adopted us.wp1
John 1:12
12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name. KJV

Now we can access the supernatural. The supernatural is our natural
Now there are three ways we can effect the supernatural in the physical realm. We can use faith (believing God can and knowing He will), it could be through the anointing (God on flesh doing what flesh cannot do) and lastly by the Glory of God (where you step aside totally and God takes over completely).
We’ll be doing a study of these three supernatural methods. Faith first, then the anointing, then the Glory. Expect som’in real soon.